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I woke up with a sudden jolt. As I sat upright I hadn't acknowledged where I was. I stood up cautiously making no noise. Suddenly I heard a twig snap. I turned around within the second to see what it was, but no-one was in sight. That was when I realised where I was or rather where I wasn't. The last thing I could remember was lying down on my comfy bed and pulling the floral patterned duvet over me.

Nevertheless, now it was a dark, dreary, warm night with a light breeze travelling in and out of the trees that were around me. The leaves rustled and the branches swayed something was coming. Something mysterious. Something good or bad? That I couldn't answer. The thought that never occurred was how I came to be there.

Suddenly every thing went quiet.

I felt a warm substance on my neck. Someone breathing. I turned around slowly, afraid of what I would find. In spite of that there stood the most beautiful figure I had ever seen in my entire life. His features were unique yet humane. But was he human? How could someone so perfect be human? Was he angel sent from above?

He held out his hand and smiled showing a perfect set of pearl white teeth. But I didn't take his hand. "It's okay" he said. His voice was so attractive. I moved forward about to rest my hand in his when someone interrupted causing my hand to pause in mid air.

Suddenly I was pushed against a tree the bark pricking at my t-shirt. Petrified, I didn't move I tried but I couldn't I didn't have the strength. He was inhumanly strong. He head rested on my shoulder his red lips on my neck. His teeth slowly piercing my neck as blood oozed out and into His mouth. As I felt a fluid flow through me, my heart beat faster and faster as the adrenaline flowed through my veins. I knew it was bad but the feeling was pleasurable. Within seconds it was over. Someone had grabbed him and seized him, throwing him against a tree. Slowly my body became numb, my whole body failed to function and I fell to the ground. "How could you do that?" was the last words I heard. And it was even softer and caring, the words full of love and passion.

... never to be opened again!

I woke up to find myself in a pitch dark room. My hands immediately traced over my neck. The bite mark had started to heal but the marks were still there, and most likely always will be. I looked around to see a light which strobbed through the gap at the bottom of the door. I put my ear again the hard wooden door listening. Eventually I slowly opened the door. The corridor was brightly lit leading to numerous other rooms. It was like a mansion big and spacious. And there was the front door. I creeped to the front door silently, as quiet as a mouse and opened the door it creaked, but luckily no-one came.

As soon as I was outside I ran for my life. I ran as fast as I could.

Until a pair of strong arm; one wrapped around my waist and the other over my mouth. I struggled to escape or scream I tried but failed I was too weak.
this is only the begining ... i was planing to write more but i dunno... i have a storyline but dunno if i shud carry soooo... i wanna get the first part perfect first... please gimme feedback on :

techniques..... i need help on them... aliteration... similes...metaphors... describing... etc...erm and anything else u can think of cant think of it from the top of my head.....
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Very interesting indeed
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thank you :D
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Ah, this is interesting. :nod:
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