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Why Do You Hate Me: 5
Eventually Rose averted her eyes away from me and turned to Val with a questioning look on her face. “I’m... I’m going to erm, I’m going to leave.”  Val interpreted Rose’s expression as a signal to leave. She immediately stood up and just left. “What? Wait...” Rose whispered. A minute of silence passed as she bowed her head. Her loose brightly flaming hair fell across her profile. She kept her head down and never dared to look up away from her work. I tilted my head in an attempt to see her face.
Something caught the corner of my eye causing me to look towards Scorpious. I regretted it immediately as I realised that as soon as I looked up he had opened his mouth to speak. He looked me straight in the yes and held my gaze. “Seriously, what is up?”
I couldn’t keep it in any longer. Just yesterday we had mutually agreed to be friends. To
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Life Must Go On: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: 1998, May 2nd pt7

Ant came running towards and placed his hands on either side of my arms. “We found her. She’s alive. I think she’s ok.” It took me a few moments to comprehend what he was saying. “ she ok?”
“I’m not sure. But she’s alive. You need to come and see her.” Tony’s face dropped, I couldn’t decipher his words. If she was alive wouldn’t that mean she was ok? Wasn’t that good news?
Tony took a hold of my right hand and turned 180 degrees and started to walk. I followed him silently with curiosity.
As soon as I saw Parvati’s face I realised she was lying on a stretcher. I ran to her immediately as fast as I could. I hugged her and waited for her to hug me back. She didn’t. I felt a hand on my shoulder as I looked at Parvati. Why wasn’t she awake? Was she... “Is... Is... You said she was... Is she...?”
Tony shook his he
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Life Must Go On: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: 1998, May 2nd pt 6

I started to make my way around the bustling room to collect names of all the students.
I approached a young boy first, who looked almost familiar. He had mousy dark blond-brown hair and large brown eyes. I tapped him on the shoulder. His tired faced looked up at me. “Hello, I’m Anthony. What’s your name?”
“I’m Dennis. Have you seen my brother?” He asked tiredly. I shook my head “I don’t know your brother, sorry”.
“My brother Collin? Collin Creevey?”
“I thought I recognised you. I know of Collin. I haven’t seen him though. I’m sorry. I’ll keep a look out for him ok?” He nodded silently. “How old are you Dennis?”
“14”. How did he get here? I was sure the younger students had been evacuated by Professor McGonagall. I wrote down his name, age and year. “How did you manage to stay in the castle? Did
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Life Must Go On: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: 1998, May 2nd pt 5

They were taking the girl away on a stretcher when Professor McGonagall approached me. “Anthony, I’ve just spoken to Padma and asked her if she and you could do a register of some kind. There have been a few loses and we basically need to know who is still alive. We need to find out if the children still have parents or guardians. Miss Patil has made a start if you could help her that would be appreciated if you don’t have anything else to do.
“I can start right away. Is she in the hall?”
“Miss Patil? She’s in the hall, yes.” McGonagall disappeared.
“Hey. McGonagall asked me to help you.” I turned to see a flushed Tony stood behind me.
“Oh. Yes she said since technically we’re head boy and girl she gave us the responsibility of watching the students. I’ve started making a register of the boys and girls including their age, house and pa
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Life Must Go On: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: 1998, May 2nd pt 4

We stood in an embrace for a long time. I didn’t want to let go of her. I didn’t want to lose anymore. I was so tired of losing. In that moment I made a promise to myself; I wasn’t going to lose anymore. Memories replayed in my head; when Harry appeared to be dead, Neville’s defiance against voldemorte, Harry’s victory, visiting Dumbledore’s office; Harry disposing the Elder wand, returning to the hall seeing Fred’s body, and everyone else who fought. I tried to push them out of my mind but they always found their way back. “I’m sorry” Hermione mumbled into my shoulder. “What for?”
“Fred” She replied with a sigh.
“It’s okay don’t...”
“It’s not okay.”
“I know, you’re right, but there’s nothing we can do. It’s done. He’s gone” My voice because more stern as I continued.
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Why Do You Hate Me: 4
The next morning I woke up early, had a shower, changed my clothes and headed straight down for breakfast. The hall was empty except for maybe a dozen of students and teachers. There were ten students scattered between four tables and two teachers sat at the high table talking quietly, whilst occasionally glancing up at the students and back down at some papers. They both seemed to be marking some assignments or taking notes but I couldn’t be sure. I quickly found a seat at the second to last table from the right and sat down. The last table at the far left hand side was still called the Slytherin table, as most Slytherin students kept to themselves and didn’t favour mingling with other houses. Students from other houses never dared to sit at the table. However there were a select few who were happy to sit with their friends from the other 3 houses and so the other three tables were available for any student who wished to sit there.
An empty plate h
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Why him? Chapter 2
That was not meant to happen. People like me didn’t speak to people like her, quoting my father, I thought. We just wouldn’t – couldn’t – shouldn’t even mix. Maybe it was my addiction to getting a reaction out of people - entertainment for my own benefit that made me want to irritate her more, than my presence already did. Yes I have acknowledged that my presence annoys her, but I didn’t think it had any deep meaning as most people hated me. They either hated me, envied me or wanted to be me.
Hermione – she hated me. Definitely hated me. Although I don’t think I’ve ever done anything to her personally for her to hate me. Who knows what her problem was.
Today when she ran into me I was shocked that such an organised and composed individual like her would make a slip up like that, no matter how small it was. I mean I can bet my whole years allowance that I was the last person she’d want to run into. I’m
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Please Don't Break It by tasha95 Please Don't Break It :icontasha95:tasha95 9 0 Beauty and the Beast Original by tasha95 Beauty and the Beast Original :icontasha95:tasha95 10 5 Beauty and the Beast by tasha95 Beauty and the Beast :icontasha95:tasha95 14 0 Dancing Couples Coloured by tasha95 Dancing Couples Coloured :icontasha95:tasha95 2 0 What could have been... by tasha95 What could have been... :icontasha95:tasha95 6 0 Blood Sisters by tasha95 Blood Sisters :icontasha95:tasha95 4 3 Belle by tasha95 Belle :icontasha95:tasha95 13 6 A Healed Tree and some by tasha95 A Healed Tree and some :icontasha95:tasha95 13 0 Princess Jasmine and Aladdin by tasha95 Princess Jasmine and Aladdin :icontasha95:tasha95 62 16

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Fred Weasley Tribute
Entry to - Tribute to the Fallen..
There was a quiet atmosphere at the Burrow, but it was too silent.
A crack, broke the silence. And four people appeared seemingly out of nowhere, in dark, midnight black robes'. And a few minutes later another crack and more people appeared.
The woodened door, opened silently. A tall redheaded man appeared. He had various stratches upon his face, and his head adorned a ponytail.
"If you would sit youself out in the back, where the seats are.." His voice tried not to sound empty, He seemed to almost choke on his sadness.
"Bill..." Another redhead appeared, but instead he was more shorter and very broad shouldered, his skin had alot of old looking burns "I think we should get Mum.."
"Charlie..shes going to break down..." Bill said, although both boys' knew their mother has been crying all week since the..incident.. and it's still quite suprising that she can still cry.
The two brothers' headed indoors to tell their family that the guests' were arrivi
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I Loved Every Second
I cried when I bought the last book, and watched the last film.
I adored you from the moment you were given to him. The first book, the first film, you were this snowy white, feathered beauty. Did you know that every child wanted you?
I blinked, and re-read the whole page, just to make sure that you really had died, you foolish, beautiful joker. I thought twins couldn't be separated.
I think part of me knew it would happen, but I was still so, so sad when I confirmed you were gone. We all knew a teacher like you. Out of all of them, you were the best Defence Against The Dark Arts professor, you know. Werewolf or not.
I choked a little as your name came up, camera boy. You should've gone home…
I wanted to hit the page when you fell through that curtain. You didn't get enough time, to make up for what you'd lost.  Not fair, and not right, and… Guess what? I ended up hitting the page a lot of times, before I could finish.
I always maintained that you were a bull
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I'm back!
I've been gone for a while; ever since I started university I've had less and less time and I haven't been able to create anything new art/lit wise Which is why I haven't really uploaded much/as much as I wanted to. I really want to have had a lot more practise with drawing and writing and finding my own groove and style.

Uni has had a weird impact on my life. It's made me a little bit lost with my life in general. So I'm trying to figure it all out as soon as I can. Now that I have some time this year I'm going to get back into my art and writing so (to those of you who read my prose and like my art) keep a look out.

Quick question for my followers: What influenced your decision to follow me? My art or my writing? If one of theses are the answer - what type or art/writing? Which pieces did you like the best? Just so I can get an idea of what you guys want to see more of. answers/comments would really be appreciated!

I've been quite stuck with what to upload because I rarely had comments/faves etc so it really put me off uploading new things. But this is something  really want to do. So any support whatsoever will keep me going!

Also I've had inspiration issues as I've not been reading much due to lack of time.

But I'm planning on changing that!


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