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Chapter 7: 1998, May 2nd pt7

Ant came running towards and placed his hands on either side of my arms. “We found her. She’s alive. I think she’s ok.” It took me a few moments to comprehend what he was saying. “ she ok?”
“I’m not sure. But she’s alive. You need to come and see her.” Tony’s face dropped, I couldn’t decipher his words. If she was alive wouldn’t that mean she was ok? Wasn’t that good news?
Tony took a hold of my right hand and turned 180 degrees and started to walk. I followed him silently with curiosity.
As soon as I saw Parvati’s face I realised she was lying on a stretcher. I ran to her immediately as fast as I could. I hugged her and waited for her to hug me back. She didn’t. I felt a hand on my shoulder as I looked at Parvati. Why wasn’t she awake? Was she... “Is... Is... You said she was... Is she...?”
Tony shook his head, “She’s not dead, she has a heartbeat. She’s alive but she’s not waking up. She’s unconscious. They don’t know how long she’ll be like this but she is alive.”
“I... How... Why won’t she wake up?”
“They don’t know. She has a gash on her head. We think she hit her head, we think that’s why she’s unconscious”. I didn’t know what to say. I was glad she was alive but I wanted her here. I felt like I was losing her.
“When will she wake up?”
“I don’t know” Tony shook his head. “We have to wait. Be patient”. I stood up and nodded. Tony bowed his head and avoided my gaze. “Are you ok”?

“Yeah I’m ok” I nodded. It was the truth but I knew she wouldn’t be ok when she found out that Lavender wasn’t unconscious.
“What’s wrong”?
“I don’t really know how to tell you but Lavender... She didn’t...”
“What happened to her?” She asked. Her eyebrows knotted with concern and wonder. I couldn’t bring myself to say it so I pointed to lavender on the stretcher behind her. She immediately turned and gasped in utter shock.
“Is she unconscious too”? Padme turned back to look at me for confirmation. I shook my head. “Is she sleeping”? I shook my head. “Is... she’s...?” My head dropped I didn’t want to be the one to say it. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed as she cupped her hands around her mouth. She started to shake her head and whispered “No. No, she can’t be. No.” and fell onto me. I opened my arms just in time to catch her.

Harry and I were sat in a comfortable silence until he stood up abruptly and commanded “I want to see them. They were my family and friends too I want to see them”. I nodded. I knew he was right. I stood up, brushed of my jeans and started to walk back towards the castle. A few yards later I realised Ron was still walking aimlessly. I turned and looked for him. My eyes eventually fell on Ron who conveniently looked up. I jerked my head towards the castle to notion that we were heading back. Ron nodded and started to walk back towards us. Harry and I carried on walking back as Ron followed silently a few metres behind at his own pace.

My mind wouldn’t stop spinning. It just kept whirring. I knew we couldn’t stay by the lake all day, as appealing as it sounded, I knew I shouldn’t. We headed straight back to the castle and into the Hall. The first person I recognised was Ant; He was hugging a shaking body, trying to keep her upright. Secondly, I noticed bodies had been laid down in rows- I realised these were the bodies of the brave combatants; family and friends. I started to look around the room, in search of something; it was on the tip of my tongue. It made me laugh in my mind; I was searching for something and I didn’t even know what it was. And then it hit me like a freight train. Ginny. I was looking for Ginny. Where was she?

As we entered the Hall, I followed Hermione who looked around and then proceeded towards Anthony who was stood by two occupied stretchers. As I neared, I realised Lavender and Parvati were on the stretchers. “What happened?” Hermione asked, almost whispering.”Are they ok”?
Anthony shook his head. Padme’s crying slowed as she moved away from Ant and wiped her tear stained face. “Par..Parvati” She managed to hiccup.
“Parvati is unconscious. She’s not waking up.” Hermione hugged Padma and offered some comfort, “I’m sorry. Give her some time. She’ll recover. She’ll be ok”. Padma nodded vacantly.
“How’s Lavender”? Padma’s lip quivered as she shook her head vigorously.
“She...she didn’t make it.” Ant explained quietly with sadness in his voice and a shake of his head.
Hermione gave her another and held her for a few moments. I placed my hand on Padma’s shoulder “I’m sorry”. I wasn’t sure if she had heard me as she continued to cry.
Ant continued to look solemnly at the bodies. Like most people he didn’t know what to do. “How are you holding up?”
“Ok, I guess I just... I don’t really know what to do. I feel so bad for those who have lost anyone and I don’t know how to help.”
“Don’t beat yourself up. You’ve done a great job up to now. I don’t think anyone really knows what they’re doing right now.” I patted his shoulder and looked around the room to see the damage. There were several covered bodies already in rows. More were being bought in intermittently.
Harry was stood looking aimlessly around. As soon as he saw me he came up to me and asked me “Where’s Ginny?” For unknown reasons I was shocked at his question as I wasn’t expecting it and what confused me more was that I didn’t know. This morning was such a blur I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen her. “I...I don’t actually know”. Harry was so distracted by Lavender’s and Parvati’s unmoving bodies I don’t think he heard me. He stood between the stretchers for a few moments before turning back to stare at Ant, Hermione, Padma and myself. Eventually his gaze fell on Padma who just shook her head, unable to speak.
“Parvati is unconscious, she hasn’t woken up. They don’t know how long she’ll be unconscious for.”
I saw Harry’s chest fall, almost as if he was exhaling a silent sigh of relief after holding his breath.
“Lavender... Lavender didn’t make it. She wasn’t breathing when they found her.” Harry dropped his gazed and pivoted towards Lavenders body and stood for a few minutes.

Chapter 6: 1998, May 2nd pt 6

I started to make my way around the bustling room to collect names of all the students.
I approached a young boy first, who looked almost familiar. He had mousy dark blond-brown hair and large brown eyes. I tapped him on the shoulder. His tired faced looked up at me. “Hello, I’m Anthony. What’s your name?”
“I’m Dennis. Have you seen my brother?” He asked tiredly. I shook my head “I don’t know your brother, sorry”.
“My brother Collin? Collin Creevey?”
“I thought I recognised you. I know of Collin. I haven’t seen him though. I’m sorry. I’ll keep a look out for him ok?” He nodded silently. “How old are you Dennis?”
“14”. How did he get here? I was sure the younger students had been evacuated by Professor McGonagall. I wrote down his name, age and year. “How did you manage to stay in the castle? Did you fight?” Dennis nodded again. “Were there any other younger students?”
“I don’t remember. I followed Collin back to Hogwarts when he left. We were on the run. Our whole family was and then one morning I found Collin packing a few things so I followed him and eventually we ended up here. I was so scared but I knew I needed to help. I couldn’t cower away so I tried to help, I tried to fight.” I nodded with understanding. I would have done the same. I felt bad for Collin, sat here on his own, without an idea about where his brother was. “What house are you in?”
“Griffindoor”. I noted a ‘G’ next to his details and jotted down that Collin hadn’t been seen.
“Do you know where your parents are?”
“I’m not sure. They were on the run; somewhere near Knaresborough, but I’m not sure if they know the battle’s over if they’ve returned home or not.”
I nodded and took notes. “I’ll do my best to find out where your family and your brother are. I need to take everyone’s name down. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” I assured Dennis and made my way to the next student.
I tapped a brunette headed student on the shoulder. The head turned to look up at me. The student was holding a bloodied napkin to her temple. “Hi, I’m Anthony. Can I take you name, age, year and house?”
“I’m Valerie D’Ambrosio. 14. Fifth year. Hufflepuff”.
“Can I have a look?” I asked out of curiosity and pointed to her head. She immediately dropped her hand. There was a deep gash or multiple cuts near her temple and forehead. I couldn’t decide which but I noticed the amount of blood on her head and absorbed by the napkin. “You need somebody to check that” I suggested. She nodded “I will, I’m just waiting for someone to finish with their patient.”
“Do you know where your parents are?”
“I don’t know for sure. The last time I heard from them they were in Italy visiting my sister. They said they were coming back but I haven’t heard from them since. I received that letter months ago.”
“Can I take their names?”
“Stefano and Elizabeth”.
“Thanks. I’ll see what I can do about finding your family. Try and get someone to look at that soon.” I smiled and walked to the next student.
Dennis Creevey, 14, fourth year, Griffindoor. Parents: Francis and Clair (Unknown location). Collin (Brother): Missing
Valerie D’Ambrosio. 14. Fifth year. Hufflepuff. Parents Stefano and Elizabeth (Unknown location).
Patrick Lipton, 16, sixth year, Ravenclaw. Father: Geoffrey (Home-most likely).
Leah Dunbridge, 16, seventh year, Griffindoor. Parents: Johnson and Rachel (joined the battle, last seen near room of requirement). Grandparents: Louise and Freddie Cavendish, Georgia Dunbridge.
Harriet Jackson, 16, sixth year, Hufflepuff. Mother: Lorelei Jackson. Grandparents: Francesca Jackson.
Jamieson, 15, sixth year, Griffindoor. Parents: Tianna and Lionell Phillips (Joined the battle).
Hannah Abbott, 16, seventh year, Hufflepuff. Father:Robert (Unknown location).
Similar conversation with similar question and similar answers repeated with over a dozen students.
I had 6 names on the girls list and 8 boys on the list. I finished writing a 9th name on the boys list when movement caught my eye. I looked out of the hall through a door less archway, to see Dean helping Seamus down some stairs. He was seemed to be struggling a lot.

I saw a blurry figure running towards me. My eye had swollen so much I couldn’t even tell if it was a boy or a girl. Dean was struggling. Really struggling. I was thankful he was here to drag me down the steps.
“Hey do you need a hand?”
“Yes please, here you take his left I’ll take his right” dean replied with relief.
I felt and arm slide behind my back. My left arm was placed over a shoulder and I was basically lifted.
“Parvati?” Dean whispered “Oh my God! Its Parvati.”
“Seamus, are you ok? We’re going to put you down for a bit. Ok?” a deep voice asked.
I nodded, understanding that they had to help the girls.

We placed Seamus on the steps so we could carry the girls to safety. Parvati didn’t respond when we called and shook her. She didn’t move a millimetre. We moved a few pieces of debris which enabled Anthony to lift her from the ground. He was pushing up off his feet; his knees were still bent forward almost at a right angle when he stopped. He tugged some but her left arm was strained to the ground. It seemed to be stuck under a board that was under a rock. I moved the rock and lifted the board. As I dropped the board Anthony and Seamus gasped. I turned to see shocked faces. I pivoted towards their gazes to see lavender. Her arm was stretched in the direction where Parvati was found.
“Oh my God” another voice gasped “Is... is that Lavender?”  Ernie was stood behind me gapping at lavenders still body.
“Yes. Can you help Seamus down the stairs? I’ll carry Lavender. Ant can you manage?” Ant nodded and took lead down the stairs.
It felt like we were descending a million flights of stairs. Finally we reached the bottom and were greeted by a healer.

“Can you walk?” The healer asked me first.
I shook my head “No.”
“Ok can you help him get to a stretcher over there” He commanded Ernie who responded with a nod.

“Are they unconscious? Have you been able to speak to them?” The healer asked with concern.
“No we just found them, they were unconscious”.
“Ok, can you get them to a stretcher over by that corner? There’s a healer over there already to help”.
Dean and I made our way to the designated area and placed the girls in unoccupied stretchers next to each other. A healer came rushing over and pushed us out of the way. All we could do was stand there in silence watching. I knew I had to find Pamde to tell her I’d found her sister but I had to stay to find out if she was ok first.

Chapter 5: 1998, May 2nd pt 5

They were taking the girl away on a stretcher when Professor McGonagall approached me. “Anthony, I’ve just spoken to Padma and asked her if she and you could do a register of some kind. There have been a few loses and we basically need to know who is still alive. We need to find out if the children still have parents or guardians. Miss Patil has made a start if you could help her that would be appreciated if you don’t have anything else to do.
“I can start right away. Is she in the hall?”
“Miss Patil? She’s in the hall, yes.” McGonagall disappeared.

“Hey. McGonagall asked me to help you.” I turned to see a flushed Tony stood behind me.
“Oh. Yes she said since technically we’re head boy and girl she gave us the responsibility of watching the students. I’ve started making a register of the boys and girls including their age, house and parents or guardians names” I nodded “That way it’s easier to find their parents or relatives.”
“What about the adults”?
“What about them”?
“Don’t they need to be registered?”
“I’m... I’m not sure. But it makes sense to sort the children out first so I think we should do that first.”
“Tony?” I turned back
“Anything? Parvati?” He shook his head.  “No sorry”.

“Have you seen Harry?”
“Not since he threw the...” I stopped before I said Elder wand - If anyone heard me, it wouldn’t have been good.
“Same. Maybe we should find him.”

We walked around the grounds for what felt like forever. We walked around the quiddich pitch, the place where Hagrid’s house used to be and the Herbology gardens.Eventually we found harry sat under a tree by the lake with his eyes closed. It was quiet and peaceful. The sun was still shining as it had been all morning.
Harry opened one eye as he heard us sit down beside him. We all smiled subtly and sat in silence.

I broke the peaceful silence first. “You guys ok?”
“As okay as one can be after what we’ve been though. You?” Hermione answered.
“Same” I laughed. “But I’m so tired. How is everyone? Is everyone still in the hall?”
“Yeah most people are.” His voice sounded unsteady. I sat up and looked at them both.
“What’s up? What happened? Did something happen?”
“No” Ron replied. Hermione looked at him with an odd expression on her face. “Tell him”.
“What’s to tell?”
“Tell him”. I felt like I wasn’t there and I was positive I was missing something by the sound of Hermione’s voice. “What’s wrong? Can one of you tell me at least?”
“I... I can’t. I don’t want to talk about it.” Ron abruptly stood up and walked off.
“Hermione?” She looked at Ron contemplating whether she should go after him or explain to me. She sighed and turned to me. I assumed she decided Ron needed some space- I agreed. He looked as though he was about to cry.
“Fred’s dead”. The words felt like a punch in the stomach.
“How?” Hermione shook her head and continued. “Tonks too” another punch. “And Remus” and another. She bowed her head unable to finish. “Who else?” I asked. She shook her head and replied “I don’t... I don’t know”.
My chest felt heavy. I struggled to breathe. I defeated Voldemort but I still lost. I lost family. Again.
You Can Take Me Piece By Piece  by tasha95
You Can Take Me Piece By Piece
Inspired by a song called 'Fallin' Apart' by the amazing 'All-american Rejects'! Amazing song!… <-- Youtube link

Can somebody save me? 'Cause I'm thinkin' maybe
That you can take me piece by piece
Then you got your reasons but I didn't need them
And either way I'm on my knees, yeah

You knew when I was wrong, you say that I'm deranged
I can see that you're uneasy and it's not gonna change
And no matter how far wherever you

Wherever you go I'm crawlin'
Even when you're breakin' my heart
Wherever you go I'm crawlin'
Even when we're fallin', even when we're fallin' apart

You say that you're leavin', say that you don't need him
And I'll I do is give and you just take
I guess that I knew it, I can't make it through it
But I'm gonna try this anyway

You knew when I was wrong, you knew that I'm deranged
I can see that you're uneasy and it's not gonna change
And no matter how far wherever you

Wherever you go I'm callin'
Even when you're breakin' my heart, yeah
Wherever you go I'm crawlin'
Even when we're fallin', even when we're fallin' apart
Yeah, looks like we're fallin' apart

In your garden where the roses sleep
I can make you anythin' you wanna be
When that body's close to me
I can give you anythin' you'd ever need

When I fall to the floor 'cause I can't feel anymore
You can have my heart girl, you don't have to steal anymore
When I look to the stars wherever you are

Yeah, wherever you are, wherever you go I'm callin'
Even when you're breakin' my heart
Wherever you go I'm crawlin'
Even when we're fallin', even when we're fallin' apart

Wherever you go I'm crawlin'
Wherever you go I'm crawlin'
Wherever you go I'm crawlin'
Even when we're fallin', even when we're fallin' apart
Yeah, I guess we're fallin' apart

Looks like we're fallin' apart
Yeah, I guess we're fallin' apart

So those are the lyrics

Hope you like it!

Please comment and fav before downloading, I'd appreciate it!

Medium: Black and red Biro Pen, Red Pencil Crayon

Other Lyrical-ly inspired pieces:

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:bulletorange:… [Another Heart Calls By The All-American Rejects Ft. The Pierces]


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I'm back!
I've been gone for a while; ever since I started university I've had less and less time and I haven't been able to create anything new art/lit wise Which is why I haven't really uploaded much/as much as I wanted to. I really want to have had a lot more practise with drawing and writing and finding my own groove and style.

Uni has had a weird impact on my life. It's made me a little bit lost with my life in general. So I'm trying to figure it all out as soon as I can. Now that I have some time this year I'm going to get back into my art and writing so (to those of you who read my prose and like my art) keep a look out.

Quick question for my followers: What influenced your decision to follow me? My art or my writing? If one of theses are the answer - what type or art/writing? Which pieces did you like the best? Just so I can get an idea of what you guys want to see more of. answers/comments would really be appreciated!

I've been quite stuck with what to upload because I rarely had comments/faves etc so it really put me off uploading new things. But this is something  really want to do. So any support whatsoever will keep me going!

Also I've had inspiration issues as I've not been reading much due to lack of time.

But I'm planning on changing that!

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