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deviation in storage by Leochi


Merry Christmas To You All!! Hope you and your families have an amazing Christmas :)
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That was not meant to happen. People like me didn’t speak to people like her, quoting my father, I thought. We just wouldn’t – couldn’t – shouldn’t even mix. Maybe it was my addiction to getting a reaction out of people - entertainment for my own benefit that made me want to irritate her more, than my presence already did. Yes I have acknowledged that my presence annoys her, but I didn’t think it had any deep meaning as most people hated me. They either hated me, envied me or wanted to be me.
Hermione – she hated me. Definitely hated me. Although I don’t think I’ve ever done anything to her personally for her to hate me. Who knows what her problem was.
Today when she ran into me I was shocked that such an organised and composed individual like her would make a slip up like that, no matter how small it was. I mean I can bet my whole years allowance that I was the last person she’d want to run into. I’m quite positive she probably tries to avoid me as I hardly ever see her, spending most of her time most probably in the library – somewhere I’ve possibly set foot into once or twice since we started this school year.
I’d heard footsteps and then bang! She pulled my jacket clinging on to me, trying to prevent her fall and successfully (although unintentionally) pulled me down with her. That was embarrassing and totally not my fault. As soon as I realised it was her, I couldn’t help myself but make a comment, involuntarily.
When she started to yell at me, to let her pass, I couldn’t help but laugh. Her expression and body language, the anger and hate was somewhat amusing and entertaining. I did my best to suppress my laugh but I couldn’t keep the smile of my face.
“I don’t want anything- yet anyways. However if I do I will hold you to it.” I winked.
“You do that Malfoy” She retorted. A smile spread across my face. I couldn’t help myself teasing her. Her reaction filled with emotion, towards me just... it made me.... I don’t even know - I couldn’t explain it.
I moved out of her way and she stormed off up the stairs as she muttered “thanks a bunch for wasting my time”.
“Anytime” I whispered quietly. Hermione turned around to glare at me. I smiled and we both walked opposite ways.

I couldn’t wait for this lesson to end. As soon as the bell rang I was out of that classroom and headed straight to the canteen. I saw harry sat at a table with Ginny and decided to grab a sandwich before going to sit with them. When I reached the table Ginny wasn’t there. “Where’s Ginny gone?” I asked.
“She had to go hand in an assignment to Mr. Peterson for her history coursework. She forgot to hand it in, in the morning.”
“Oh right, so...” I started as I wiggled my eyebrows at him.
“Oh no I know what that means. Don’t start. I hate it when you do that. I have nothing to say at the moment.”
“Oh come on. Tell me. You must have spoken to her more last night right? Tell me what do you know about her?”
“Why do you secretly have a crush on her?”
“Yes Harry. I have something to tell you. I think I’m in love with your new girlfriend” I replied sarcastically, in a monotone voice.
“I knew it. Well it’s tough she likes me and she’s not my girlfriend”.
“I know I can see that and I also see that you like her. So tell me what is she like?”
“Find out yourself”.
I shook my head at Harry “Stubborn boy. I know your dying to tell me.”
“hahaha I am but I really think you should get to know her yourself. I think you’d be really good friends”.
“I’m always good friends with your girlfriends. And then you split up and it awkward”.
“She’s not my girlfriend. Jeez.” I looked at Harry with a raised eyebrow. “Yet” He added quietly.
I burst out laughing. A comment like that would never ever come out from Harry’s mouth ever he was to modest and too shy to ever say something so bold out loud.
“So you really like her then?”
“She’s nice. Like really nice. Although I really enjoy her company so I think we should just stay friends and get to know each other first.”
“Not going to ask her out”.
“I’ve known her a day and you want me to ask her out already? I don’t know the girl that well and she’ll probably think I’m a serial killer or stalker or something and go running halfway across the country. I’m glad you’re not a guy. You’d scare all your prey away”.
“Yeah” He smiled cheekily “prey”.
“Fine. I’m just saying if you like the girl ask her out. Don’t wait too long. Eventually everyone will realise how nice and genuine she is and you’ll have competition.”
“So who are you trying to win then? Are you losing against anybody?”
“I’m not competing. I don’t need to compete. Right now I need to ace my exams this year or my life will be over.”
“Oh come on! You can live a little this year. It’s next year you have to worry about.”
“Talking about next year, which subject are you dropping?”
“I.. erm I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about it. Have you?”
“I thought about it but haven’t decided. I was in the library yesterday trying to decide and I so got frustrated. I went to ask the careers advisor for help”.
“Any luck?”
“Not at all, they were saying all my subjects are relevant to the course I want to take a uni”.
“Just pick the subject you don’t like”
“I can’t just do that. That’s illogical”
“How is that illogical? In fact it’s logical.”
You should take out a dictionary from the library and look up the term logical. Speaking of the library you wouldn’t guess what happened to me yesterday”.
“You couldn’t decide which subject to drop next year”?
“Other than that smarty pants”.
“You had a cheese sandwich for lunch?”
“you saw me eat my lunch. And no that’s not it”
“You went on a date?”
“You built a snowman?”
“It’s 15 degrees out. Have you seen any snow recently?”
“I don’t know. There’s millions of possibilities. Although I know what didn’t happen”.
“You didn’t die”.
“I could have. I could just be a figment of your imagination”.
“I’m sure you are. So Spill. What are you dying to tell me?”
“I’m not dying to tell you but after I left the library yesterday before I went to the careers advisors I ran into someone” and so I told harry every detail of the events that took place yesterday at lunch.
Why him? Chapter 2
So finally I managed to put up chapter 2.
I haven't been on Deviant art for months - apologies for that but uni got in the way and I haven't had a laptop for months too. :/
I'll do my best to upload so more art and prose I did throughout the past year.

Chapter 1 is here:…


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natasha patel
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Not really a bio, but I was wondering if anyone is interested in a commission?
recently I've started doing them for friends at reasonable prices, which depend on what you want for example if it's a painting on a canvas, the majority of the price- it'll include the price of the canvas and shipping. So if anyone is interested let me know :) I'm willing to try out different things so if you have anything in mind, note me :)


tasha95 has started a donation pool!
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I would really really like to get a premium memebrship as would everyone, but I'd really like to further my art and use DA more. At the moment I haven't much money so this is the only way I can get one at present so...

Please donate if you have anything spare, it would be much appreciated!

Do note me: A request or 2, for A donation or 2 maybe...? what dyu think?…

cheers ;)

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I just feel soooooooooo speechless right now!


All you divergent fans! Have you read Allegiant? I'm guessing you all fell the same! Right now I can't function so well with the burden of feels that latest book has caused to hurt my poor head and heart! It's crazy! It's literally haunting me! WHY VERONICA WHY did you have to do THAT? IT WAS NOT ESSENTIAL!! It's killing me! I feel sooooo much for Tobias... personally After what happened with Tris, I think it would have been best if Tobias/Four drank the serum at the end. But hell! those last chapter from 49 onwards had me crying my hear out! No Joke!!

And I re-read House of Hades again! I can' get enough of the heroes of Olympus! They're amazing! Which brings me to how much I LOVE ATLANTIS (especially Jack- the one who plays Jason - what a babe!) So, for those of you who don't know it's a show on BBC, airing in the UK and It's based on ancient Greece/rome. It's not as fitting as percy Jackson but I still enjoy watching it!

Also I read a new book I received from waterstones: 'How to fall in love' By Cecelia Ahern. It's an amazing book! No Joke. It's about a 26 year old woman who tries to show a suicidal victim how to fall in love with life. If you get an opportunity read it!

I'm now trying my best to get over allegiant still.....

So, anyone hear rumours about an 8th Harry Potter book? Yep. J.K.Rowling has CONFIRMED!!!!!! OMFG!!!! I mean at first I thought WHY!! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? Because I only just got closure after it all ended. BUT I'm SOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! But I won't want it to end again!

Also University is taking over my life. and my laptop isn't working which is why my deviantart has been so neglected unfortunately but I can't wait to get back on, regularly (which I hope will be soon) because I have soo much uploading to do!


Appologies for my terrible grammar issues, I'm typing so fast! Hopefully I'll be back soon though


I shall reply to you all personally when I'm back, with more time.


Peace out!


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